The COVID-19 has reshaped the way Americans shop. The stores are reopening with a lot of caution, reoriented to avoid interaction: Fitting rooms are taped off, sample counters are closed, and product testers have been put away. It would not be incorrect to say that not just the shoppers but how the brands plan their road map has also changed. But our clothing customization software, a SaaS-based solution, enables tailors and brands to foresee the changing trends but also support them to let customers design their suits and book appointments from home.  

Clothing Design Tools Help Leveraging Modern Technique

Although all fashion businesses are finding ways to adapt to the new measures, tailors face arguably one of the biggest challenges. Bespoke garment requires multiple up close and personal fittings that some customers might deem too risky in the post-coronavirus era. Tailors, therefore, have to rethink how they will do business. But with the help of modern solutions, traditional tailors can revamp their business model and expand their market reach. The tailoring companies like Alan David Custom Tailors have produced handmade custom suits, formalwear, and shirts in New York City for many years. Its patternmaking skills and measuring techniques assures a perfect fitting garment the first time, and with the digital medium, their business has reached new heights.  

Here are some of the reasons that will help you understand the benefits of virtual solutions: 

  • The Rise of Virtual Clothing  

As consumers move online, your tailoring business must adopt new ways to entice and pull them towards your brand. And one way to do it is by introducing them with the idea of virtual clothing. Though the concept remained the abstract for some time, and it was recently that the notion came to existence. The idea came to fruition because Dutch start-up The FabricantDapper Labs, and augmented reality artists, and creator Johanna Jaskowska combined creative forces to create a digital dress called Iridescence.  While Iridescence may not exist in the real world, what gives it value is its existence on the blockchain. Perhaps digital fashion houses like Gucci will offer both digital and physically sustainable versions of their designs in the months to come.  

  • Commencement of Appointment Booking System  

As we progress, the location shouldn’t become tailors’ primary area of constraint. With the internet taking the full swing, it has opened various windows of opportunities for brands and tailors. Consider Johnstons of Elgin‘s case; the UK-based company has partnered with the new By Appointment app to help their customers shop with confidence and enjoy enhanced shopping experience. As part of its strategy to help their store staff manage evolving government Covid-19 guidelines and keep their stores safe.   

And similarly, our 3d clothing design software supported by pay-as-you-go-basis enables tailors and brands to break the geographical barriers with easy to use online booking services for fixing, canceling, and rescheduling appointments. The customization software allows companies and brands to extend their market reach.  

  • Sustainability Can’t Be Ignored  

In the past couple of months, people have spent days in front of T.V. and Zoom calls, and many must have gained an immense knowledge of sustainability, and therefore, the idea of a digital wardrobe does not seem so farfetched. Digital couture gives a person the ability to buy virtual fashion; they feel it fits their persona for photos without going to a store and trying on clothes. Besides, it saves the earth from being depleted of natural resources used by and within the fashion industry. The growing trend among more environmentally conscious people has been to buy second-hand clothes or clothes made from recycled materials, but digital couture offers another alternative. 

The Future is Considerate on People Who Can Foresee It- 

It is high time that brands should pay more head towards virtual solutions to enhance their personal growth. The area has tremendous potential in testing and treating fashion differently than it has ever been treated before. Apparel brands, irrespective of their size and market reach, should utilize emerging technology if they want to remain at the top of their game. The fashion design tools by A2Tailor helps brands and tailors to take hold of ever-growing trends to understand the long-overdue sustainability movement better. Its customization solutions are seamlessly blended with technological functionality, like IoT, with an economical, palatable, and accessible style. The future of retail and commercial clothing brands is undoubtedly related to the success of the A.R. & V.R. industry overall.  

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